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Why Brows3?

Firstly let me welcome you to Brows3.com this blog will be where we post all of our updates, important messages and other cool stuff!

New businesses, bloggers and anyone with a new Instagram account will understand how difficult it can be to get recognised in the big world that Instagram has undoubtably become with over 500 million user's  which is ever increasing. 

After seeing friends create Instagram accounts for their new ventures and seeing how little engagement they received by other users even though they were posting great content I thought there had to be a way for them to get recognised more easily... after lot's of thought about how Instagram already works I thought of the idea to try and categorise it, this would allow user's to select the category they're interested in and discover all of the account's that they love, and on the flip side allow anyone with an Instagram account dedicated to a category to get discovered, so join us on our journey to categorising Instagram and register now

so I really do hope Brows3 can help you get discovered and find the account's that you love!

Posted 2017-01-11 22:04:23